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Become a non-violent Deflationist

Read and BitcoinSOV’s Burning Handbook for Deflationists – 1st Edition

How to perform non-violent guerilla warfare against a centrally controlled inflationary economy.

Read it here: [PDF download]

For those who wish to edit and create a 2nd Edition – or make a translation: You can download the ODT file here (Requires OpenOffice)

What is the BitcoinSOV’s deflationary currency movement?

The BitcoinSOV community is calling all enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies together, to protest against the creators of Centrally Controlled Inflationary Currencies (CCIC).


What is a Centrally Controlled Inflationary Currency (CCIC)?

CCIC’s are usually government-made fiat-currencies like $USD, €EUR, or the worst examples: The Venezuelan Bolívar (VEF). All the world’s central banks and governments control the inflation of fiat. As citizens of any nation state, we are currently forced or limited to use these fiat-currencies as a Medium of Exchange (MoE).



BitcoinSOV defends the right for people to protect themselves from inflation and government-made currencies.

BitcoinSOV fights for:

  • Freedom from inflation.
  • Financial independence and freedom from government-made regulation.
  • Monetary alternatives which are deflationary by design.
  • Usage of sound money and decentralized cryptocurrencies.



BitcoinSOV wishes to achieve:

  • A mainstream debate about cryptocurrencies.
  • A shift in the mainstream understanding of cryptocurrencies.
  • A mainstream consideration of BSOV and its deflationary mechanism.
  • A mainstream usage of BSOV as a Store-of-Value (SoV).

Places to find likeminded individuals

You can start by joining the BitcoinSOV Community Telegram chat.

and possibly there may soon be made a place specifically for “Non-violent Deflationists”.

Sources and inspiration

While we were inspired by “198 Methods of Nonviolent Action [PDF]” by the “Albert Einstein  Institution – advancing freedom with nonviolent action” we are here to inspire you to take further action.

What is nonviolent action? [external link]

We were also inspired by “Swarmwise – The tactical manual to changing the world.”[PDF] written by Rick Falkvinge, the founder of the Swedish Pirate Party