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Use SovCube to timelock your tokens in an immutable smart contract, and retrieve them later.

Contribute to a higher proof-of-commitment (PoCom) by Cubing tokens. Many BSOV have already been timelocked by volunteering community members who did not receive any monetary rewards – They were just  committed to the longevity of BSOV, and will destroy ~2% of the BSOV which they locked. Scroll below to read more!


Is estimated value of already timelocked BSOV.


of minted tokens is already timelocked.

SovCube 1.0


has been timelocked in SovCube 1.0 by community volunteers.

[Address in the block explorer]

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How long will the BSOV be timelocked in SovCube 1.0?

In SovCube 1.0: A single timelocking address can withdraw a maximum of 1000 BSOV per 7 days, and the withdrawal has to be done manually. The biggest timelocking address has timelocked over 461,121 BSOV, which will take a minimum of 8.88 years to empty. Though, it still remains untouched, so it may take longer.

These charts below were updated the 17th of February, 2020 and were based on the total of 1,000,146 BSOV which were timelocked at that time. You can download the spreadsheet and see the data here (requires OpenOffice).

SovCube 2.0

Stay tuned for SovCube 2.0, which will be integrated in the mining pool of the First BitcoinSOV Foundation (BSOV-F1) (See Growth), among other upcoming features.

Below is an Iframe from