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BSOV Token’s 2-Year Anniversary

At the 17th of June, 2021 the BSOV Community will celebrate the 2-Year Anniversary of BSOV Token. Last year at the 1-Year Anniversary there was a lot of updates from the community, including Mundo’s Whitepaper of BSOV, and this year won’t be any different.

The past year has been a roller coaster of events for BSOV Token and the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem. 30% of circulating supply has been timelocked in SovCube, BSOV published its first Press Release at CoinTelegraph, Liquidity at Uniswap has reached unprecedented highs with several new trading pairs, Mining cost of BSOV has spiked to reach even new highs as ETH fees and ETH price has reached all-time-highs, and most importantly; Amount of burned BSOV has exceeded 5% of minted tokens (over 200,000 BSOV), which has made BSOV Token even more deflationary and scarce.

Upcoming updates for 17th of June, 2021.
  • Whitepaper: Rouse has talked about releasing a Whitepaper/Litepaper of a governance token that utilizes the timelocked BSOV in the SovCube Timelocking dApp.
  • Contest: Rouse has talked about extending the “Make your mark” contest  where there is 0.25 ETH and 10,000 BSOV in the prize pool, since there were not enough participants and reach the last time it was announced. 
  • dApp: Loopfin has talked about releasing another Timelocking dApp with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) that is similar to SovCube.
  • CoinTelegraph Press Release: We have already paid CoinTelegraph for another Press Release, and we were discussing writing up another one.
  • Article: Banks has talked about publishing an article.
  • Article: Chris B. Sovington has talked about publishing an article.

Follow this page for updates of the new releases, and go to the BSOV Community Telegram Chat and the BSOV News Channel to stay up to date.